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Our Services

Our services provide customer engagement through our creative touchscreen technology, digital signage, and video walls but we are not limited to just those platforms. We have a full staff of innovative designers and IT professionals that can produce the interactive solutions needed for your event.

Interactive Touchscreen

We offer customized design to go on touchscreens for interactive experiences, data collection, lead generation and subscriber’s listing like Mailchimp or surveys.

Digital Signage

Digital signage does not have to be boring. We can customize a design, build out menus, create animated videos and more to capture and engage your patrons.

Streaming Video Walls

We can provide our clients with options of having a 2 x 2 video wall for events, or help plan out the building of a video wall for their permanent location. Both options have affordable pricing.

Photo Booth

Our touchscreens come with a stock photo-booth that can be customized for any event. It allows you to email the photos to your email address. We are currently developing more options for onsite printing.

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